Well, we’re working on it, making it faster, better, stronger…

Here are a few pictures of electronics being worked on:

Merry Holidays

We will be taking a little rest for the holidays.

Yet we had some fun with testing, rewiring and reassembling some electronics the past two weeks.

Amongst disassembling and reassembling the robots we had some fun with a test setup to measure the speed of the kickers.

We received some parts which make it possible to do some work on the new encoders and stepper drivers.

We visited the RoboTeam Twente in the Design Lab at the Twente University. And were drooling all over the nice hardware they have. Weirdly enough they have more trouble finding people on the electronics/mechanics side and we have more trouble finding software people. We’ll see if we can arrange something.

All in all, these past weeks we slowed down the pace a bit because of the holiday season, we’ll be back in January. TO TAKE OVER THE WOR… ahem, to have some fun! πŸ˜‰

We’re live Wooohooo!


With some help from Saxion Hogeschool Enschede we are happy to announce we have the parts to start this thing!

We’ll usually work on things Thursdays, so expect a bit of news on those days. We might do some work at odd times though πŸ˜‰

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For more in depth posts we will keep you update once we have some new news!


Today we had some discussions about:

  • safety
    • Those capacitor pack a punch!


  • future designs
    • We have enough parts for (we hope) at least six robots, the rest will need some extra parts and some electronics.


  • competition in May
    • Roboteam Twente will have a competition in May with a German team. Of course we’ll try to participate as much as possible.


  • Current inventory
    • We have a lot of parts, 4 robots are mechanically complete. electronics are still a bit up for grabs until everything is wired and tested.