We’re live Wooohooo!


With some help from Saxion Hogeschool Enschede we are happy to announce we have the parts to start this thing!

We’ll usually work on things Thursdays, so expect a bit of news on those days. We might do some work at odd times though 😉

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For more in depth posts we will keep you update once we have some new news!


Today we had some discussions about:

  • safety
    • Those capacitor pack a punch!


  • future designs
    • We have enough parts for (we hope) at least six robots, the rest will need some extra parts and some electronics.


  • competition in May
    • Roboteam Twente will have a competition in May with a German team. Of course we’ll try to participate as much as possible.


  • Current inventory
    • We have a lot of parts, 4 robots are mechanically complete. electronics are still a bit up for grabs until everything is wired and tested.