qcRobotics stands for Quality Cyber Robotics

We’re a team working from the makerspace/hackerspace Tkkrlab.

We want to participate in the Robocup Small Size competition in Bordeaux in 2020.


It all started with a simple question: “even though I’m not a student anymore, I’d love to build a robot for the robocup competition” -Renze

Answered by Govert going: “Well, why the hell not?”

And Mark chimed in: “Ah yes, I remember that, I was in the first team back when I was studying”.

Thus qcRobotics team was born, because we think it’s fun to play with electronics, build robots, and throw in a little competition too.

After dusting off the plans, having a look at what was available and how much work it would be, we started.

Renze brings the electronics, Mark brings the mechatronics, and Govert is along for the ride doing some PR and dabbling in game engines.

Soon Eric-Jan joined in to have a look at machining parts.


We’re now working on the robots, and the goal is to make a platform that is open source, documented and usable for other teams. We also hope to compete with other teams to prepare for the world cup in 2020.


And we have room to expand the team, so feel free to join!